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Part of the GUTTER DOCTOR'S inspection can include a basic home inspection ! We do also, offer pressure washing services, at an additional costs.


We offer two plans - A Basic Plan which covers just a simple cleaning to ensure all gutters are functioning correctly. One visit per year not necessarily in the fall. All repair is an additional cost. A Premium Membership which is 2 visits a year one early on and one later in the year. All labor for repairs are included and all material for any repairs are at cost. Also, free annual basic home inspection upon request.

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Hi there, I thank you for visiting. My name is Eric Pingree and I have been working in the Vermont rain gutter industry since 1994. During that time I have learned more than a few valuable lessons. One of the most important, of which, is that a simple maintenance plan involving cleaning, regular inspection and repair will add ten or even fifteen years to the life of that system. A well maintained system should last twenty or thirty years. Are you getting that kind of value from your system?

Minor Home Repairs

Minor Home Repairs as related to repairing damage caused by failure of Gutters Rain gutters are one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Not only do they help prevent excess settling near the foundation by directing rainwater away from the structure,

Gutter Cleaning

Once you have scheduled service with us we will send a three-man professional team to your home who will work from the roof with a rope and harness system so as not to dent your gutters with ladders.

Gutter Repair

If you have a gutter that is damaged or not working properly, we have the resources and equipment on our trucks to fix it permanently.

Gutter Accessories

Simply cleaning gutters in the fall is a good start but over time the freeze and thaw cycle can and will loosen spikes and actually break the screws that secure the gutter to your building. Our harsh northern winters will cause sealants and corners to fail.
Most everybody, by now, understands the benefits of installing rain gutters on their buildings. Be it a home, warehouse or doghouse,(don't laugh, I've seen it) a properly installed system will significantly reduce the effects of water damage. Good functioning gutters will protect everything from the landscaping and foundations to siding, windows, doors and decks. The question is why spend good money on a system to protect your home and then forget about it. Neglected and or forgotten systems can create more problems then they solve.